anna phoebe

Anna Phoebe has been hailed as the “vixen of the violin” for stunning live stage performances that have won audiences and fans all over the world. Her distinctive and original sound combines influences from rock, classical, gypsy, metal and Middle Eastern music, creating a new genre for the violin. Anna’s electrifying stage presence and unique style of playing has cemented her position as one of the world’s leading stage performers.

In 2007 Anna joined Jethro Tull as guest soloist, playing her own compositions as well as Tull classics. In 2009 she toured extensively with OI VA VOI, promoting their latest album in venues and festivals across the world. Anna also tours throughout the year with her solo material. Her most recent recording, Rise of the Warrior, (available now on iTunes) is an attention-grabbing collaboration with Dutch musician/producer Joost van den Broek. The album showcases Anna’s wide ranging style: symphonic melodies combined with rock and metal rhythms, seizing the best from a whole host of genres. In live performance or on record, the music of Anna Phoebe is not to be missed.

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